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Projekt Computer Vision [ProjCV]

The goal of this master project is to build state-of-the-art software for different advanced topics in computer vision. During the project you will learn about basic image processing methods, the foundations of projective geometry, 3D cameras, super-resolution, tracking, feature detection and classification. The project is designed to be completed in two parts: In the first part, the basics of each topic will be developed in a group. All participants will create basic tools for certain computer vision applications. The following topics will be taught and implemented during the first part: - Basic image processing of grayscale and distance images - Pinhole camera and projective geometry - Stereo vision and RGB-D imaging - Super resolution - Image retrieval / Image classification In the second part each participant will implement a method which belongs to one of the aforementioned topics. We will provide data or evaluation setups which allow you to test your own implementations.

Dates & Rooms:
Monday, 12:00 - 14:00; Room: 0.01-142 CIP


This new project gives you the chance to learn about current computer vision topics and get practical experience in the field during the exercises. In this semester, the project covers the following topics:

  1. Image processing of distance images
  2. Camera calibration and projective geometry
  3. Stereo vision and RGB-D imaging
  4. Image superresolution (subject to change)
  5. Image retrieval / classification


During the semester lecture and exercise alternate on a weekly basis. Exercises are supervised and take place in one of the CIP pools. All exercises must be completed. For 10 ECTS credits you are required to implement a state-of-the-art/recently published algorithm selected from one of the topics above.

  • Lectures will take place in 00.152
  • The exercises will talk place in 0.01-142 (Casa Huber), same time as above.


You can get either 5 or 10 ECTS credits for this project. The following options are available:

5 ECTS (counts as: Hochschulpraktikum):

  • lectures
  • exercises (in groups of 2-3 people) to be finished and presented until the end of regular schedule
  • individual presentation about a state-of-the-art research paper at the end of the semester (graded if needed)


10 ECTS (counts as Hochschulpraktikum (5ECTS) + Forschungspraktikum (5ECTS), or Master Project Computer Science (10ECTS))

  • lectures
  • exercises (in groups of 2-3 people) to be finished and presented until the end of regular schedule
  • individual coding/research project under supervision of a LME PhD student at the end of regular schedule (graded if needed)




Slides and Exercises

Slides and exercises are available in Opens external link in new windowStudOn. You can join the course on this Opens external link in new windowwebsite.