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Hands on Time-of-Flight [HOTOF]

Time-of-Flight cameras provide a real-time capable way of acquiring 3D information at a constant lateral resolution and in a marker-less way. A plugin-based and easy-to-use software framework for handling ToF cameras and their data is available at the Chair for Pattern Recognition. Each student participating in the seminar will have the task to program a plugin which provides a certain functionality. At the end the plugin will be presented to all seminar participants.

Dates & Rooms:


First meeting: 21.10.2008, 6 pm, room 09.150. Further meetings: as agreed by participants.



At the Chair of Pattern Recognition five ToF cameras with lateral resolution, framerates and depth resolutions are available.

The ToF group at the Chair of Pattern Recognition adresses various novel application fields of ToF cameras in the context of the medical/healthcare sector.

To provide a fast and cross-platform-capable development environment for these pioneering research the Multisensor-Time-of-Flight Toolkit (MTK) was instantiated. The MTK provides besides other features the capability to set up complex processing chains for data of ToF cameras based on stand-alone plugins, which encapsulate certain core functionalities.

As setting up a new plugin for the MTK is easy and a lot of reusable plugins can already be used to compose new and application-specific processing chains, the Chair of Pattern Recognition offers the Hands on Time-of-Flight seminar for interested and motivated students.

Each participating student will have the possibility to implement an own plugin for the MTK (the functionality which has to be provided by each plugin will be determined in the first meeting of all seminar participants). Additionally, there will be the possibility to test the functionality of the plugin with various ToF cameras. Thus, the participants of the seminar will gain experience in the following fields:

  • Techniques of software engineering and project management in medium-scale projects
  • Design and implementation of an algorithm for a new modality (ToF cameras)
  • Testing a new algorithm/impemented plugin with various ToF cameras and different environment conditions will provide valuable insight about where crucial points of a new algorithm may be located (usually not where one would have expected them).