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Master Project / Research Project / Practical Course

5/10 ECTS Master Project / Practical Course

  • Computer Science B. Sc.: Practical course (Praktikum), 5/10 ECTS
  • Computer Science M. Sc.: Master project, 10 ECTS
  • Medical Engineering M. Sc.: Research project (Hochschulpraktikum), 5 ECTS
  • Others: if you need 5/10 ECTS projects, this is typically possible


At the Pattern Recognition Lab we offer practical project topics that are connected to our current research in the fields of medical image processing, speech processing and understanding, computer vision and digital humanities. Other than a course with fixed topic, project topics are defined individually.

Current open projects:

Please see the slides at the following link for some topics: Initiates file downloadclick

Please contact the respective doctorate candidate directly. Note, the slides are typically updated each 3-6 months, i.e. some topics might be outdated.


Find an individual project: we recommend to have a look at our Opens internal link in current windowgroup and Opens internal link in current windowmember websites. If you spot a topic that you find interesting, please go ahead and contact the person directly to find a topic for you. We also offer a mailing list on which we announce invited talks and topics for projects and master thesis. You can register to this list Opens external link in new windowhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a master project executed?

According to the rules, projects can be worked on by a single student or in a group. The purpose of this course is to bring pattern recognition methods to a practical application. There is no written report.


How is registration and grading handled?

For the course Projekt Mustererkennung (ProjME), please register at meinCampus! Arrange your work on a specific topic with the topic's supervisor. The grade is given by an LME professor in agreement with the supervisor. After a successful finish the grade is entered into meinCampus directly.


Is a presentation or written report part of the course?

The master project is all about practical experience. Yet, the results should be collected in a small report and the results may be presented in the corresponding colloquium. Details will be provided by the supervisor.