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BIG-THERA Project in next round of funding
05.11.2018 - 10:49

It’s a great pleasure to announce that the BIG-THERA Project’s funding was approved for another year!

The Emerging Fields Initiative (EFI) BIG-THERA gathers a multidisciplinary team of highly competitive scientists, who are all well established in their respective fields of studies. Consequently, expertise in clinical and pre-clinical breast cancer research, immunology, genetics, imaging, theoretical physics, data mining, as well as nanomedicine is combined in a unique setting of FAU with the aim to:

  • improve methods for non-invasive early diagnostic and therapy follow-up based on magnetic resonance (MR) imaging
  • elucidate the interplay between the immune system and cancer growth to segregate immunologically distinct breast cancer subtypes for immunotherapy design
  • create new strategies for affecting immunophenotyping of tumors using nanomedicine-based techniques
  • resolve ethical challenges associated with the new advancements in breast cancer research
  • optimize therapeutic decisions using Big Data and approaches, which rely on the information acquired through OMIC studies, imaging as well as modeling in vitro, in vivoand in silico.

A total of 300.000 EUR will be used to further drive research in the field of breast cancer diagnosis in 2019!
More details are found at Opens external link in new window

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