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Invited Talk by Prof. Michael King
21.11.2019 - 17:05

On next Monday, Prof. Michael King from the University of Massachusetts Medical School will give a talk in our lab.

Title: "Respiratory Motion Correction Methods for Cardiac SPECT and DL Denoising”
Time: 15:00 on November 25th
Room: RZ 2.037 - e-Studio




This talk will go over the need for, benefit from, and short review of methodologies for respiratory motion correction in cardiac SPECT imaging emphasizing the investigations from the University of Massachusetts and Illinois Institute of Technology. It will document the extent and frequency of occurrence of respiratory of motion determined in 1103 clinical studies, and demonstrate the increasing need for correction with increasing magnitude of motion. Through an ROC study with clinical studies the impact of correction on perfusion-defect detection accuracy will be demonstrated as a function of projection count-levels. Also shown will be an ROC study of the impact of deep learning (DL) denoising of detection accuracy as a function of count-levels.

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