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Biologisches und Technisches Sehen [BuTS]

This colloquium provides a platform for interdisciplinary communication between computer science and opthalmology. It focuses on all topics of retina image processing and glaucoma screening application and is open to all interested people and students.

Dates & Rooms:
Monday, 8:30 - 10:00; Room: Neurozentrum


For further information and questions regarding topics please write to: markus.mayer(at)


Augenklinik Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Neurozentrum (Untergeschoss 1)

Schwabachanlage 6

91054 Erlangen


Each lecture consists of one or two informal parts presented by the attendees:

  1. Project presentation (PP):
    15 to 20 minutes presentation of current state of own research project

  2. Journal report (JR):
    10 to 15 minutes journal report about a recent journal article in the  domain of retina image processing or glaucoma screening.

After the presentations, the roadmap and milestones of current projects are discussed.



Date Name Topic Material
04.04.11 Attila Budai
11.04.11 Bernhard Höher
18.04.11 Tong Jie
25.04.11 - Public Holiday
02.05.11 - ARVO
09.05.11 - To few attendees due to vacations
16.05.11 Budai ARVO discussion
23.05.11 Paulus, Mayer ARVO discussion
30.05.11 Ralf Tornow, Martin Kraus ARVO discussion + project report
06.06.11 Simone Waerntges, Florian Kienle
13.06.11 - Public Holiday
20.06.11 Ioannis Moupagiatzis
27.06.11 Olga Yurastova
04.07.11 Markus Mayer, Jan Paulus
11.07.11 Georg Michelson, Thomas Koehler
18.07.11 Ralf Tornow
25.07.11 Ahmed El-Rafei