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Seminar New Iterative Reconstruction Methods in Medical Imaging [NIRM]


First date: 19.4.2013, 13:00 - 15:30, Room 09.150 (Martensstr. 3)

Seminar: upon agreement

  • Summary

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and C-arm CT are powerful medical imaging modalities that are widely used in clinical applications. While MRI is used for diagnostic medical imaging, i.e. before the patient is undergoing a procedure, angiographic C-arm CT provides the ability to gain information directly in the catheter lab during a cardiac intervention.

    Recently, methods to speed up image acquisition and to enable special acquisition schemes for both modalities were proposed. These methods apply iterative reconstruction techniques like compressed sensing to maintain satisfying image quality.

    In this seminar we will discuss current methods, challenges and promising applications in MR and C-arm CT imaging.

    The goal of this seminar is to discuss and compare different approaches in the literature. You have the opportunity to implement and evaluate ideas and methods within an MRI or C-arm CT reconstruction framework.

    The seminar will cover the following aspects:

    • Iterative reconstruction techniques
    • Different optimization schemes


    The development of algorithms plays an important role in this seminar. Thus, participants should have established solid programming skills in C++ and/or Matlab.

    Furthermore, it is advantageous for participants to have attended lectures on image processing or pattern recognition.

    An introduction into the two software frameworks and in the imaging modalities will be given at the beginning of the seminar.

  • Examples
    Multi-planar C-arm CT reconstruction images and volume rendering of a pig heart [Image courtesy of the Fahrig Lab, RSL, Department of Radiology, Stanford University].