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Presentation Slides
Screen Print (DIN A5)Print (DIN A6)
Print version with notes (DIN A5)LaTeX sources
1 Scientific Presentations

pdf (incl. audio & video, 25 MB)

pdf (no audio/video, 4.8 MB)

pdf (no audio/video, 4.8 MB)

pdf (no audio/video, 4.8 MB)

zip (45 MB)

2 Typesetting using LaTeX pdf (incl. audio & video, 23 MB) pdf (no audio/video, 3.9 MB) pdf (no audio/video, 3.9 MB)zip (32 MB)
3 template zip (3.2 MB)


  • The screen version is intended for presentation with a projector and contains many overlays. As overlays are realized by LaTeX as separate pages in the pdf document, this version in not suited for printing. The pages have to be displayed without any slide transitions and without continuous scrolling in order to get the right overlay impression. All multimedia files are stored within the presentation file. For best view, use Adobe Reader for Windows. If your viewer does not play back the audio and video files, they can be extracted and viewed with an external player.
  • There are two versions available for printing, one with two slides per page (DIN A5), which can be used for printing booklets, and one with four slides per page.
  • Another version contains additional notes for the presenter and is intended to be printed, too.
  • For those who are interested in creating their own slides with LaTeX and the beamer package, all sources are available.
  • All files are password protected due to copyright issues.

Last update: May 16, 2017