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CT Reconstruction [CTR]

Es werden aktuelle Themen zur CT Rekonstruktion besprochen, sowie Grundlagen vertieft. Die Themen werden beim ersten Treffen festgelegt.

Dates & Rooms:
Wednesday, 9:00 - 11:00; Room: 09.150



<b>Date</b> <b>Presenter</b> <b>Title</b> <b>Slides</b>
11/17/2010 Andreas Maier Conrad - A Cardiac-Optimized Numerical Reconstruction Algorithm Database <a href="">Conrad.pdf</a>
11/24/2010 Chris Schwemmer Convex Optimization: Applications 1
11/24/2010 Andreas Fieselmann Conference Review <a href="">slides1</a>
12/01/2010 Everyone Group Overview
12/08/2010 Zhicong Yu Long Object DynaCT
12/15/2010 Andreas Fieselmann Paper Discussion
12/22/2010 Marcus Pruemmer Recent Advances in 4D CT
01/13/2011 Group Short Presentation - Progress Report
01/19/2011 Group Reconstruction in less than a short scan
01/26/2011 Bharath Navalpakkam Progress Report
01/26/2011 Andreas Maier Reconstruction in less than a short scan - Reconstruction Results
02/03/2011 Group Presentations at SPIE Medical Imagaing
02/10/2011 Hannes Hofmann Presentation MICCAI Paper
02/10/2011 Wilhelm Hass Presentation MICCAI Paper
02/10/2011 Haibo Wu Presentation MICCAI Paper
03/09/2011 Christian Siegel Final Presentation
03/16/2011 Andreas Fieselmann Journal Paper Discussion
03/30/2011 Kerstin Mueller, Haibo Wu, Andreas Maier BVM Summary
04/06/2011 Everyone MAG Preparation
04/13/2011 Robert Grimm Prior image constrained compressed sensing (PICCS): A method to accurately reconstruct dynamic CT images from highly undersampled projection data sets <a href="">paper</a> <a href="">slides</a>
04/20/2011 Kerstin Mueller Temporal resolution improvement using PICCS in MDCT cardiac imaging <a href="">paper</a>
04/27/2011 Haibo Wu A Fixed-Point Continuation Method for 1-Regularized Minimization with Applications to Compressed Sensing <a href="">paper</a>
05/04/2011 Andreas Fieselmann Tomographic imaging using the nonlinear response of magnetic particles <a href="">paper</a>
05/11/2011 Hannes Hofmann Label Embedding Trees for Large Multi-Class Tasks <a href="">paper</a>
05/18/2011 Michal Cachovan 4D maximum a posteriori reconstruction in dynamic SPECT using a compartmental model-based prior <a href="">paper</a>
05/25/2011 Christoph Formann Real-time MRI at a resolution of 20 ms <a href="">paper</a>
06/01/2011 Jana Hutter Advances in sensitivity encoding with arbitrary k-space trajectories <a href="">paper</a>
06/08/2011 Chris Schwemmer Efficient GPU-Based Texture Interpolation using Uniform B-Splines <a href="">paper</a>
06/15/2011 Barath Navalpakkam Histogram Transformation for Inter-Modality Image Registration <a href="">paper</a>
06/22/2011 Ingo Schasiepen Noise Estimation from a Single Image <a href="">paper</a>
06/22/2011 Wilhelm Haas Low-dose, simple, and fast grating-based X-ray phase-contrast imaging <a href="">paper</a>
06/29/2011 Michael Manhart Breathing estimation from X-ray images
07/06/2011 Maria Polyanskaya Interventional 4D motion estimation and reconstruction of cardiac vasculature without motion periodicity assumption <a href="">paper</a>