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Kolloquium Hybride Bildgebung [HB]

Es werden Themen zur Hybriden Bildgebung mit den Modalitäten SPECT, PET, CT und MR besprochen. Die genauen Inhalte der Sitzungen werden im ersten Treffen festgelegt. Das Kolloquium richtet sich an Lehrstuhlmitarbeiter und interessierte Studenten.

Dates & Rooms:
Thursday, 17:00 - 19:00; Room:

We meet every Thursday 17:00 s.t. at the Conference Room of the Clinic of Nuclear Medicine (Ulmenweg 18, Internistisches Zentrum, Building C, Floor U1, Room 566).

We discuss all topics related to multimodal imaging, like e.g. SPECT/CT, PET/CT, PET/MR, and many more.

All interested persons are welcome to join our meeting. The audience is usually very mixed consisting of e.g. physicians, technicians, doctoral students, physicists, computer scientists and other.


Date Title Speaker
17.10.2013 Introduction/ Future Research Topics at the Clinic of Nuclear Medicine P. Ritt
24.10.2013 - -
31.10.2013 Monte Carlo Simulations of the Biograph mMR B. Aklan
07.11.2013 Introduction to PhD Topic J. Sanders
14.11.2013 Integration of PET/MR Hybrid Imaging into Radiation Therapy D. Paulus
21.11.2013 MR-base Attenuation Correction in PET/MR on Patients with 18-FDG Brain Hypometabolism B. Navalpakkam
28.11.2013 NEMA Phantom Measurements for Dose Reduction in PET/MR M. Oehmigen
05.12.2013 TBA P. Ritt
12.12.2013 Literature Review for Cardiac SPECT Imaging Using Reduced Radiopharmaceutical Dose or Shortened Acquisition Time M. Wetzl
19.12.2013 Absolute Quantification for HMPAO SPECT Acquisitions F. Welz
09.01.2014 TBA TBA
16.01.2014 TBA TBA
23.01.2014 TBA TBA
30.01.2014 Bias of Reconstruction Methods for Brain SPECT P. Rath
06.02.2014 Clinical Value of New Reconstructions in SPECT T. Kuwert