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Kolloquium Medical Image Registration [MIRC]

Es werden aktuelle Themen zur medizinischen Bildregistrierung besprochen sowie Grundlagen vertieft. Die Themen werden blockweise im Verlauf des Semesters festgelegt. Teilnehmerkreis: Doktoranden, interessierte Master-Studenten, Diplomanden und Studienarbeiter.

Dates & Rooms:
Wednesday, 16:00 - 17:30; Room: 09.150



Date Presenter Topic Materials
10/16/13 All Organizational Matters / Schedule -
10/23/13 Jakob Wasza MICCAI Review -
10/30/13 Jakob Wasza Journal Club: <i>tbd</i> -
11/06/13 Tobias Lindenberger BT Final Talk: <i> Non Local Denoinsing of Range Images in 3-D Endoscopy</i> -
Martin Koch Project Introductory Talk: <i>Optimal View C-arm Angulations based on Pre-procedural Planning</i> -
11/13/13 Moritz Klüppel BT Final Talk: <i>Investigation on Various Methods for Feature Tracking in X-Ray Images</i> -
Sven Haase Journal Club: <i>Real-time 3D Reconstruction in Dynamic Scenes using Point-based Fusion</i> <link>Paper</link>
11/20/13 Peter Fischer Journal Club: <i>tbd</i> -
11/27/13 Matthias Hoffmann Journal Club: <i>Iterative closest curve: a Framework for Curvilinear Structure Registration Application to 2D/3D Coronary Arteries Registration</i> -
Sven Haase CURAC Rehearsal: <i>Instrument Segmentation in Hybrid 3-D Endoscopy using Multi-Sensor Super-Resolution</i> -
12/04/13 Mustafa Safak BT Final Talk: <i>Detection and Removal of Specular Highlights in 3-D Endoscopy</i> -
12/11/13 Eduard Potwigin BT Final Talk: <i>Localization of multiple catheters in fluoroscopic images</i> -
Oliver Taubmann MT Final Talk: <i>Prediction of Respiration-Induced Internal 3-D Deformation Fields Based on 3-D Surface Data </i> -
12/18/13 nothing nothing -
01/08/14 All Topic overview and homepage update -
01/15/14 Andreas Maier Registration discussion -
01/22/14 nothing nothing -
01/29/14 All Homepage -
?? BT Introductory Talk


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