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Yixing Huang M. Sc.

Researcher in the Precision Learning (PL) group at the Pattern Recognition Lab of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Yixing Huang


4 Running
Bachelor Theses
Stoll, Robert:
High Resolution Low-Dose-CT using Beam Collimation and Limited Projections
Advisor: Huang, Yixing; Maier, Andreas; Mill, Leonid
Beginn: 19.11.2019

Master Theses
Pfeufer, Dana:
Automated Volume of Interest Reconstruction in dedicated Spiral Breast CT
Advisor: Huang, Yixing; Maier, Andreas; Vesal, Sulaiman; Dr. Christian Steiding (AB-CT Erlangen)
Beginn: 18.11.2019

Al Sabbagh, Tayseer:
Deep Learning Reconstruction for 23Na Magnet-Resonance-Imaging of the Skeletal Muscle
Advisor: Nagel, Armin; Huang, Yixing; Maier, Andreas; Utzschneider, Matthias
Beginn: 01.08.2019

Fa, Jingyi:
Deep Scatter Estimation Real-time CT Scatter Correction
Advisor: Huang, Yixing; Maier, Andreas; Ritschl, Ludwig; Roser, Philipp
Beginn: 20.06.2019

1 Finished
Master Theses
Liu, Ling:
Deep Learning for Streak Reduction in Computed Tomography
Advisor: Haderlein, Tino; Huang, Yixing; Maier, Andreas
Beginn: 26.09.2017