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Dr.-Ing. Christopher Rohkohl

Alumnus of the Pattern Recognition Lab of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

The vision of my work is to develop methods that open up the possibility to visualize highly dynamic (moving) vital parts of the human body as the heart. This provides one key towards the development of novel diagnostic tools and medical treatment procedures.

Research Project: RabbitCT - An Open Platform for Benchmarking 3-D Cone-Beam Reconstruction Algorithms

In this project we consider the problem of evaluating hardware acceleration schemes for 3-D cone beam reconstruction algorithms. Researchers and industry work hard on hardware-optimized 3D reconstruction which is crucial for a seamless workflow integration. A crucial limitation, however, of these publications is that the presented results are not comparable to each other. This is mainly due to variations in data acquisitions, preprocessing, and chosen geometries and the lack of a common publicly available test dataset. With RabbitCT we provide such a standardized dataset that allows for substantial comparison of hardware accelerated backprojection methods. In summary, it is an online platform for worldwide comparison in reconstruction performance and ranking on different architectures using a specific high resolution C-arm CT dataset of a rabbit. This includes a sophisticated benchmark interface, a prototype implementation in C++, and image quality measures.

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Keywords: Benchmark testing, C++ language, computer graphics, computerised tomography, image reconstruction, medical image processing

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