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The course covers theoretical as well as practical exercises. In the theoretical part the understanding of topics introduced in the lecture should be trained. In practial exercises the participants will implement algorithms of pattern analysis in Matlab.

The exercise takes place

  • Tuesday, 12:15 - 13:15, 02.134-113
  • Thursday, 8:30 - 9:30, E1.12, Cauerstr. 7

Both courses cover the same topics.


Start: April 21st, 2015


  • A nice overview over Hidden Markov Models can be found Opens external link in new windowhere.
  • No exercise on Tuesday (26.05) due to the Bergkirchweih and on Thursday (04.06) due to public holiday. Exercises on 28.05 and 02.06 will both cover exercise sheet 4.
  • No exercises this week (12.05 and 14.05) due to public holiday on the 14th.
  • Due to a mistake in the solution and the resulting confusion, we have uploaded a corrected derivation for exercise "Soft clustering 1c)". Sorry for the confusion!
  • ROOM CHANGE: Thursday's exercises are taking place in room Opens external link in new windowE1.12, Cauerstr. 7 starting 30.04.2015
  • The first exercise will take place in the second week of the summer term (21.04.2015)



Sheet & Material

Pattern recognition revisited

Initiates file downloadPDF

Initiates file downloadPDF

Initiates file downloadpeppers.png

2Soft clustering

Initiates file downloadPDF

 Initiates file downloadsolution_1c

Initiates file downloadcell.png


Initiates file downloadPDF

Initiates file downloadCART_example.m

Initiates file downloadtrain_cart_leavenode.m

Initiates file downloadinformation_gain.m

4Manifold Forest

Initiates file downloadPDF

Initiates file downloadRF_example.m

Initiates file downloadRF_competition.mat

5Density EstimationInitiates file downloadPDF
6Density Estimation - continued

Initiates file downloadPDF

Initiates file downloadfunduns.png

7Mean Shift

Initiates file downloadPDF

Initiates file downloadcameraman, Initiates file downloadcameraman(orig)

8Manifold Learning

Initiates file downloadPDF

Initiates file downloadmanifold3D.mat

9Hidden Markov ModelsInitiates file downloadPDF