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Diagnostic Medical Image Processing [DMIP]

- Modalitäten der medizinischen Bildgebung - akquisitionsspezifische Bildvorverarbeitung - 3D-Rekonstruktion - Bildregistrierung

Dates & Rooms:
Wednesday, 14:15 - 15:00; Room: 01.150-128
Monday, 10:15 - 11:45; Room: 01.150-128



We will have an excursion to the Imaging Science Institute on October 24th. We will meet at 14:15 at the entrance to the Radiology Department. The entrance is located in the basement of the "NOZ - Nicht Operatives Zentrum". You can find a map Opens external link in new windowhere. The tour will be given by Prof. Cavallaro and will take about 45 Minutes.

More Excursions?

We had a lot of participants on the first excursion and have the option to do another one where we could see a CT scanner in action. Furthermore, we will be able to bring several own items for scanning. In order to figure out, if we want to do that, I created a poll at Opens external link in new windowdoodle. Note that the poll is anonymous. Please submit your suggestions until 6th of November.

Doing another excursion won. We will do that in the new year. BTW, Opens external link in new windowhere is the link to the Asimov story that I mentioned in the lecture.

Larry Zeng's Book

We have acquired an e-Book version of Larry's Book. Unfortunately, we have only one copy which you can access Opens external link in new windowhere. If we require more licenses, please notify us.


Oral Examinations!

Good news: We have oral examinations. Registration starts now in the secretary's office.