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Kolloquium Rekonstruktion [CTR]

Es werden aktuelle Themen zur Rekonstruktion medizinischer Bilddaten besprochen, sowie Grundlagen vertieft. Die Themen werden beim ersten Treffen festgelegt.

Dates & Rooms:
Friday, 10:30 - 12:00; Room: 09.150



12.10.2012 MIC Presentation by Kerstin <br> MIC Presentation by Bharath <br> Discussion on Publications and Conferences <br> "Aufgaben"-Check <br> MAG-Topics
19.10.2012 MAG Preparation
26.10.2012 No meeting due to MAG
2.11.2012 Bastian Bier - Final Presentation
9.11.2012 Andreas Maier - Towards Advanced VOI Imaging
16.11.2012 Conference Summary of MICCAI & NSS MIC
23.11.2012 Haibo Wu - Image Quality Measurement and Iterative Reconstruction
30.11.2012 Presentation Qiao Yang - Metal Artefact Reduction
7.12.2012 A Review of Scatter Correction (<a href="">paper</a>)
14.12.2012 Christmas Session
21.12.2012 No Meeting due to Christmas Preparation
11.1.2013 A Review of Scatter Estimation (<a href="">paper</a>)
18.1.2013 Distance-driven projection and backprojection in three dimensions (<a href="">paper</a>)
25.1.2013 Robert Grimm - New Methods in MRI Reconstruction
1.2.2013 PD Dr. Paul Cumming - Kinetic Analysis of Brain PET Data