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Colloquia 2017

DateResponsible PersonSpeakerType & Title of Contribution
19.12.2017Daniel StromerHasan Can ÖzkanIntro Talk: Automatized Segmentation of Cracks in Solar Cells
12.12.2017Lennart HusvogtJournal Club: Automatic Segmentation of Nine Retinal Layer Boundaries in OCT Images of Non-exudative AMD Patients using Deep Learning and Graph Search (Opens external link in new windowLink)
05.12.2017Daniel StromerFelix KaschubIntro Talk: Untersuchung der Anwendungsmöglichkeiten und Randbedingungen von computertomographischen Untersuchungen an Kunststoffbauteilen
21.11.2017Frank SchebeschModel Observers in Medical Imaging (Opens external link in new windowHe & Park 2013)
14.11.2017Frank SchebeschPreparation of Group Poster

Weilin Fu

Intro Talk: Master Thesis

Jürgen EndresTobias LindenbergerMaster Thesis: Joint Denoising and Streak Artifact Removal for Flat Panel Perfusion CT
17.10.2017Daniel StromerOleksiy RybakovIntermediate Talk: Current State and Challanges when Segmenting Fat and Fascia Layers in Ultrasound Images
10.10.2017Jürgen EndresRahul RameshIntro Talk: Texture-based Automatic Detection and Classification of Ischemic Stroke in Brain CT Images
12.09.2017Weilin FuCNN Vesselness Paper Review
29.08.2017Lennart HusvogtJulian HoßbachOCT-Scan Augmentation with Generative Machine Learning (intro talk)
16.08.2017Lennart HusvogtJulia SchottenhammlOCT-OCTA Segmentation of the Bruch's Membrane in the Presence of Pathology (intro talk)
Andreas MaierDaniel Günzel3D Segmentation and Lipid Distribution Analysis of the Paraspinal Muscle (final talk)
18.07.2017Jürgen EndresTobias LindenbergerJoint Denoising and Streak Artifact Removal for Flat Panel Perfusion CT
Daniel StromerOleksiy RybakovSegmentation of Fascia in Canine Ultrasound Images
Viktor HaaseFully3D Conference Review
11.07.2017Viktor Haase

Analysis of Statistical Weights in CT Reconstruction 

Daniel StromerIntroduction to 'Venice Time Machine'
04.07.2017Andreas MaierDaniel Günzel3-D Segmentation of the Paraspinal Muscle