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In the exercises we will discuss selected topics more in detail and mainly implement some of the algorithms introduced in the lesson.

Public Holiday on 14th of May

No exercises on Thu, 14th of May and Wed, 27th of May

Due to a public holiday, the thursday's exercise on 14th of May will not take place. To keep the exercises balanced, the wednesday's exercise on 27th of May will also not take place.


Start: April 22, 2015

A specific subscription to the exercises is not necessary (except for courses in room 0.01). We merely will try to distribute the students evenly within the courses. The assigned exercises will be available on this site prior to the beginning of the specific course.

If you want to use the PCs in the exercise rooms, make sure that you have a Opens external link in new windowlogin for the computer science CIP-pool.

If you want to attend the thursday course, you need to unlock the classroom door with your student card:
1. If not done yet, Opens external link in new windowregister to the computer-science door locking system
2. Send a mail to Opens window for sending emailMatthias Hoffmann including your name and your login name (something like ab12efig) not later than april 20th.


If there are any questions or problems regarding the exercises that could not be clarified within the courses, please contact: Opens window for sending emailMatthias Hoffmann.