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Colloquium Agenda

 The precision learning colloquium usually takes place Monday, 2 pm, in room 09.150.  

DateResponsible PersonTopic
02.12.2019Markus MichenFinal Talk: Estimation of correction parameters for industial XCT using DL
21.10.2019Florian ThammFinal Talk: Ischemic Stroke Segmentation on CT-Perfusion Data using Deep Learning Methods




Mayank Patwari


Tristan Gottschalk

"Intelligent Parameter Tuning in Optimization-based Iterative CT Reconstruction via Deep Reinforcement Learning"

Deep Learning Metal inpainting

23.09.2019-no colloq
19.08.2019Tobias WürflGeometric Deep Learning
05.08.2019Farnaz KhunJushPhD Topic intro talk
8.07.2019 Sushma Bhandari MT final: “Low-Dose X-ray Image Denoising Using MRI Data as Prior Information”
Jürgen HerrlerProject pitch
1.07.2019Tristan GottschalkMAR Inpainting - Domain evaluation
24.06.209No Colloqium (due to promotion)
03.06.2019Markus MichenIntro Talk: Estimation of correction parameters for industrial XCT
AllUpdate Session
20.05.2019Christopher SybenColloqiua organization


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