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Work Sheets

No.TopicPDFAdditional MaterialPublicationSubmission
1Properties of the Fourier series, first experiments in matlab.Initiates file downloadexercise_1.pdfInitiates file downloadwtbv_exercise_1_template.zipNov. 2, 2017Nov. 15, 2017
21-D Discrete Wavelet TransformInitiates file downloadexercise_2.pdfInitiates file downloadtask2.m
Nov. 16, 2017Nov. 29, 2017
32-D Discrete Wavelet TransformInitiates file downloadexercise_3.pdf
Initiates file downloadtask3.m Initiates file downloadmagic.pngNov. 30, 2017Dec. 20, 2017
4Beyond Haar Filters, Wavelet-based DenoisingInitiates file downloadexercise_4.pdf

Initiates file downloadtask4.m Initiates file downloadcameraman.png

Dec. 21, 2017January 10, 2018
5Wavelet-based Image CompressionInitiates file downloadexercise_5.pdfInitiates file downloadtask5.m Initiates file downloadlenag.pngJanuary 11January 31
6Wavelet-based WatermarkingInitiates file downloadexercise_6.pdfInitiates file downloadlenag.pngFebruary 1February 7